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Marvin D. Nelson, Jr. Memorial Fund
for Studies of Brittany Health & Genetic Research

A memorial fund was established at the University of California at Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, Center for Companion Animal Health in memory of Marvin D. Nelson, Jr. Dr. Gordon Theilen and the family of Marvin Nelson Jr. established this memorial as a tribute to the three generations of Nelsons who helped to make this breed great. Marvin Nelson Sr., was one of the founding members of the Southern Kansas Brittany Club and owned 1966 National Amateur Champion, FC/AFC Towsey's Bub. Marvin Jr. owned the 1998 National Amateur Champion, FC/AFC Rebel's Tough Is Tyrone. Marvin Jr.'s daughter, Fran Savage, was actively involved in field trials and shows, and as a veterinarian had considerable impact on medical research related to the health of the Brittany.

The purpose of this memorial is to find solutions to better understand and prevent leading inherited defects, cancer and other genetic diseases related to the Brittany. This is a first for our breed, to have specific medical research just for the Brittany. Please click to open an excellent & informative article on UC Davis Research & the Marv Nelson Family, courtesy of Purina Pro Club

Generous donations by many Brittany people across the nation have given over $50,000 to the Fund. Interest earned is the only money spent on research, so that the principle amount as it grows will provide more money for research and will always be there for continuing research. The goal is for the Fund to grow to at least $500,000 so the interest earned on the money may be used to study special Brittany genetic problems, without depleting the Fund. It can cost over $200,000 per year to concuct a good research project. The studies that have been done and those that are currently being done at the CCAH are funded by many other monetary sources, while the personnel in the Genetics Lab are frequently including the Brittany in their studies because of the Marvin D. Nelson Jr. Memorial Fund.

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